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Have you ever floated effortlessly through the sky in a parachute? Not I. Look what I've missed! From the expression on these kittens' faces, it has to be the thrill of a lifetime! Akin to this feeling might be the feelings of Olympic skiers performing fearlessly in the Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and Big Air events. I say, If you have it flaunt it! As for me, I'll take a hot chocolate and a ringside seat. That's Nirvana!

Every time I see a blimp I get goose bumps. As a child, they appeared bigger and scarier than they do now, yet I imagined myself traveling in one to many exotic places,

If I could, I'd like to float over the Amazon rainforest in a blimp. One of the world's most humid, lush, and colorful landscapes, it is filled with hundreds of species of flora and fauna. I would not want to bump into an alligator on the river bank, even if it was magic.

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My sister lives on a mountain in Steamboat Springs, CO. She's never seen a bear on her ranch until this fall. After harvesting all the apples from her tree, she discovered broken branches and large bear tracks on the ground the next morning. "No worries," she thinks. "The bear's probably in a cave hibernating." Just in case, she keeps some pots and pans by the door. What would you do?

I live 2 blocks from the Atlanta Zoo. Imagine if a bear cub escaped! I would wish for the Chattahoochee kittens to appear and magically send that poor cub back to its parents!.

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