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Yakkity Yak Don't Talk Back!

What's a yak doing in Chapter 10? It's Fall Break and a kitten named Sprout is going on a trek with his Big Person in Kathmandu. Sounds pretty far out or rather pretty high up doesn't it? The whole time he is on the expedition in the Himalayas, he thinks about Sandra, a friend in Kitty School who lives at a cat rescue in Atlanta. He is convinced his family should adopt her.

One day, after drinking yak milk tea with some villagers, Sprout sees a herd of yaks on the mountainside. One of them wears a blanket with the words "Adopt Sandra" woven into the side of it. To everyone in his group the message seems strange, but it is clear to Sprout. He must persuade his Big Person to go to the shelter where Sandra lives as soon as they get home and adopt her! The ending has a special twist!

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