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Everybody loves Whistling Willie! He lives as a homeless person in our community and whenever he bicycles up the street we come out of our houses to hear him whistle. No matter the weather, if you ask Willie how he's feeling, he says, "I can't complain." Annie, his beagle/shepherd mix, always trots beside him. She never complains either. The kittens don't think much of Annie. One look from her and they're up a tree. Luckily, they are naturals at tree climbing.

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Have you ever tried taking your cat out for a walk on a leash? When my kittens were small, I harnessed them up and we gave it a try. Almost immediately, my plan fell apart. Clearly, cats do not like to be controlled. Ask Sprout. Does he look happy in this picture?

After many weeks, I thought we were headed to victory -- until something spooked them and they bolted, leaving a pile of harnesses behind. Nothing could keep those kittens in their harnesses!

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I've floated in a rubber boat on the Chattahoochee with my grandchildren many times. When the gentle waves become rapids, it's great sport to "Shoot the Hooch"! In Chapter two, the intrepid kittens march down to the water with their mother, Pearl, unique among cats for her love of water. They can't see the trouble that lies ahead...

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